Global Libations offers a limited selection of the highest quality specialty coffee. We buy in small quantities, which enables us to provide a constantly evolving list of the freshest beans available. Sugestions for new procurements are always welcome.

We provide packaging in 100% Compostable PLA Lined Coffee Bags. in 4 oz.(1/4 lb.), 8 oz.(1/2 lb.), 1 lb., & 5 lb. sizes.  PLA is a corn-based plastic that is compostable, meaning it will degrade in an environment with the correct balance of heat and moisture (tin ties need to be removed prior to sending to composter). In addition to the inner film being PLA, the outer layer of paper is FDA approved recycled natural kraft.

Package size available:

  • 2 oz.

  • 4 oz. (1/4 lb.)

  • 8 oz. (1/2 lb.)

  • 12 oz.

  • 16 oz. (1 lb.)

  • 32 oz. (2 lb.)

  • 80 oz. (5 lb.)

Coffee can be ordered whole bean or ground to order. Bags can be labeled front and back with Global Libations labels or custom designed labels.

For customers that are looking for consistancy and ease of preparation we offer coffee ground to order in foil fraction packets (Frac-Paks). These are pre-weighed, shelf stable and have an easy tear notch on the bag. Frac-Paks are available from 1 oz. to 14 0z.

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