Double-Roasted Organic Colombia Santander RFA

Double-Roasted Organic Colombia Santander RFA

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Double-Roasted coffee produces a very smooth, low-acid, and well rounded brew.

Notes of caramel with a hint of tangerine - roasted full medium

La Pradera is an estate with large plantations of
single-origin coffee in the department of
Santander. The estate is family owned and managed
by producer Oscar Daza. This estate has been the
main source of income for Oscar and his family
for many years. Since they have working in coffee
production for years, the Daza family has improved
their quality and they focus on sustainability as
well. This is reflected in their certifcations such
as organic, Rainforest Alliance and Bird Friendly.
Oscar works along with his wife and their
two children. They experiement with different
varietals and they plan on improving the quality
of their coffee even more in the years to come.

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