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Blistered Redskin Peanuts

Blistered Peanuts

Blistered Redskin Peanuts

red skin peanuts salted closeup.jpg
red skin peanuts salted.jpg
red skin peanuts salted closeup.jpg
red skin peanuts salted.jpg

Blistered Redskin Peanuts

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William Richard Thomas (Bill), remembers, (as a little
boy of four /five), sitting under the kitchen table
and listening to his older brothers, George and
Ronald chatter with his Mother, Florence and
Father, Henry. His family was hand -blanching
raw peanuts, and preparing them for roasting.
It was the early 1930’s in Weatherly,
Pennsylvania, and the Thomas Peanut
Company began as a truly, “kitchen table
business.” The peanuts were prepared and
roasted with a very special method kept as the,
“family secret.”
Henry was a graduate of the Mining,
Mechanical Institute in Freeland, PA, and used
his creative machinist skills to eventually
develop machinery to roast and package the
nuts. Packaging was difficult to purchase, so
Henry initially adapted cellophane bags that
were made to package cigars to hold each
serving of peanuts. Henry paid $6.00 for a
hundred pounds of peanuts. Today a bag sells for
$110.00 wholesale.

Grandfather Bill remembered his job was
to count twenty-four packages, and fill each
box for display and sales. Eventually, Bill, said,
the bags were proudly printed with the
Thomas Peanut Company name. The family
also roasted pecans for the Lightman’s Ice
Cream Company of Philadelphia. The peanuts
quickly became very popular, and throughout
the years of the Great Depression the company
was very successful. During WWII, peanuts
and oil became scarce, and the company was
forced to close.
On a smaller scale, the family continues to
use the “family secret” method of peanut
roasting; to raise funds to pay off church
mortgages, purchase choir robes, and support
many other non-profit efforts. Recently,
Elizabeth’s Great Aunt Jane, roasted snack
packs of peanuts for cousin, Carol Thomas to
take with her on her humanitarian visits to
Uganda, Africa.
The “secret” recipe appears in The Family
Eat-Fest Cookbook, compiled and edited by
Aunt Jane’s cousin, Graham Hollis. He
reflected that, Thomas Peanuts are, “the best
nuts this side of heaven.” Enjoy!!



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